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Taken in 1981, yes there were four of us


Taken in 1985, on the patio in The Wrens.


October, 1988, just outside the old Moorhen boathouse, on the river Stort.

  We are sitting ouside the Queen's Head in 1994. The Queens Head was later to close (1995), and leave the village of Allens Green without a pub for seven years. Good news though, it reopens May, 2002, but on a smaller scale.    Danya was over from Australia. She arrived on November 5th, so we took her to see the fireworks display in Harlow. When she got to know us better, she told us that was the coldest she had ever been in her life. It is just as well she didn't go straight to Scotland.

  This was a day to remember - Jamie's graduation B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics at Warwick. - on Thursday, 12th July, 2001. And the next day was Friday 13th !.
Jamie would hate it if said how well he did, so lets just say that he could possibly have scored more points, but could not have improved his maths ranking in the year.
Uncle Michael joined us, so there were five of us at the ceremony. Mum and Dad had an excellent seat right at the front, and I managed to capture a lot on video. There was an excellent concert. We smiled when one of the pieces which the brass ensemble played was Rutters "Heavenly Aeroplane" - it wasn't too many years before when as a boy soprano, Jamie sang this in concert with the Harlow Boy's Choir. Afterwards there was huge but very modestly priced carvery lunch in the students refectory. Then a jazz band in the Union. Then a tour of the university, ending up in the Maths building for a generous strawberry and cakes tea. I was caught out though when Jamie was called up to be presented with an extra prize, and almost missed it before getting out the video recorder.

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