Down the garden in August/02

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All of the photos were taken in August, 2002 as part of a series the gardening year, which I started in May, 2001. There are links to other photos at the foot of this page. Fruit picking continued with a vengeance. By the end of August we had picked 54 lbs of rhubarb, 41 lbs of runner beans, and 207 lbs of plums. But not everything was a success, and we lost all the tomatoes in the new greenhouse to mildew - more of this below

  This is a picture of the old apple tree in the middle of the garden, taken towards the end of the month. It was a bumper crop, and picking started on 3rd September.

  No its not a picture of tomatoes in the dark - they turned brown, then black. We got botrytis in the new green house - I guess not enough ventilation, although the door, two windows in the roof, and two side vents were open most of the time. I may remove some side panels next year, if I try again. It was such a pity as the plants had started off so well with good thick stalks, and masses of green tomatoes. But that is what gardening is all about - success and failure.

No such problems with the rhubarb which starts first -we picked the first on 3rd April - and continues without bother throughout the season.

A little touch of colour, since it is August.

 This fuschia nestles in the shelter of an apple tree.


An Iris under another apple tree.

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