Down the garden in May

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All of the photos were taken in May, 2001,as part of a series the gardening year.
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The vegetable plot, a lot of work to be done, and its May.    It had been terribly wet, all the way through from October to April. Gardeners were unable to weed or dig over the garden in late Autumn, and still unable to catch up the following April. Seedlings had gone to sleep, and were just as far behind.  But May saw better weather, dry weekends and evenings. I was hard at work every spare minute. I had rotovated the vegetable plot, and was making wooden walk ways ( 4.39 for woood from Wickes makes an 8 foot stretch) to walk on if the rain returns.


Work continues on the plot, with lettuce and cabbage plants hardened off in the side garden, and planted out. There is a first picking of rhubarb, and the gooseberries are looking good.


Next its the canes, strengthened with metal posts at the ends, and then the runner beans are planted out.

But as you see there is still a lot of stuff still in the greenhouse waiting to go out, and occupying space needed to plant the tomatos.  

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