A Tour of the current garden.

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This tour of the garden gets updated periodically to try to keep up with the changes. I took a lot of photos going all round the garden in May / June, 2001, thinking it would look funny to allow the weather / grass colour to change between photographs. Then we got a new camera in July/01, and so I thought I should repeat the exercise. Then I got another greenhouse which made all the old photographs out of date. In 2007 we replanted the area to the left of the greenhouse with blackcurrent bushes. I have ended up with a mixture of the old and the new. I have gone away from trying to show all of the garden at the same time of year - at any one time only part is in bloom or in fruit.

The tour of the garden is anticlockwise, and starts at the front left of the garden, goes up the drive and round the back, then down the left side of the back garden, has a look at the view over the farmers field into the distance, then goes across to the right, and back down the right, through into the side garden and along and back to the front again.

So this is the front garden, the patch of grass at the front somewhat cut off in the photograph. Behind is the drive, with its turning area, and then our house. To the right of the drive is an 8 to 10 foot high beech hedge - thank goodness I have a hedge trimmer !

This is our back door - usually open from Spring onwards when someone would be sitting on the garden bench

  This is July/02, the view from our back door, looking to the field behind. The garage and conservatory (in the next photograph) are just out of sight on the right. There is an old apple tree in the middle of the photo, about a third way down the garden , and then a smaller one in the distance. The grass just behind the smaller tree is in the new part of the garden we bought from the estate of our former neighbour and friend, Bill Fish. To the back right is the vegetable patch and you can just see the greenhouse peeping from behind the runner beans.

This is the garage and conservatory, just to the right out of the back door. It was taken about June, 2003. The creeper frames the garage widow, and is a mass of white blossom in May.

 We are now in July 2002, half way down on the back right of the rear garden. The small apple tree is a Cox on a dwarf stock, which we bought a few years previously to replace the 100 year old apple tree destroyed in a storm, a year after we moved here. I have a tribute to the old tree elsewhere - see photo links below.

 About Spring 2003, we have stepped back a bit to get a better view. You can see the Cox of the previous photo, the field behind, and the newer greenhouse at the back right of the rear garden

 This is the left border in the bottom half of the garden - about June 2002.

 Taken about the same time as above, this is a close up of the azeleas.

 This photo, and the next two,
were taken in 2002.
Just to show that
we grow flowers as well as vegetables.

Now at the back of the garden, this is a view over the farmers field taken in July/01. On a clear day you can see on the horizon the steeple of St Michaels in Bishops Stortford, about six miles away. Crops rotate with wheat, barley, oil seed rape, etc. There is usually something growing all the year - as soon as one crop is harvested, the ground is ploughed, harrowed, and seeded, even before winter to get an early start next season.
We seldom use our gate into the field, apart from sometimes attacking the weeds from the other side of the fence.

 This was taken about the middle of 2003. It is the bottom left of the garden. We grow a lot of rhubarb because we like it, and because it crops early, and then continues all the way from Spring into Autumn. There is more rhubarb round the corner out of sight
We grow a variety of crops and are self sufficient for quite a bit of the year. Amongst other things, we grow lettuce, cabbage, runner beans, and brussel sprouts. Root crops don't really do too well - I tried potatoes and gave up. The sprouts keep well and taste better with a winter frost on them. In 2004 we were still picking sprouts in March when the rhubarb was starting to look promising - i.e. stalks about 3 to 4 inches long. So that's almost all the year round.

 This is Spring 2002 just after we got the new greenhouse, and had started to get use out of it. These seedlings grow on quickly on a bench, and then they and the bench are moved out and into the back of the side garden to harden off.

 This is about late Spring 2002, looking into the greenhouse with the bench removed. To the near left are cucumbers, then assorted peppers not yet in the beds, and the rest are tomatoes. The beds are emptied of soil each year, and refilled with a mixture of my own compost, bought in quality compost (3 huge bags for 10 from Van Hage's) and sand to aid drainage.

 This is early summer with the tomatoes doing well and in blossom.

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