Garden tour continued.

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 This is taken in 2007 at the back of the garden. Never quite sure what to do with the space to the right of the greenhouse, we have now planted some blackcurrent bushes.

 This is looking back down the garden from half way down the vegetable patch heading back to the front garden. It was quite early in the season in 2003 before the runner beans fill the view.

 To the left of where we were in the previous photo are the gooseberries, and a few black and red currents.

 Is is 2003. This is a close up of the rear back garden, showing the rhubarb patch, cabbage and lettuce, and in the distance the start of the row of gooseberry bushes. There is usually a home made cold frame in a gap where the rhubarb grows - but this is moved when the rhubarb starts to shade it.

Just in front to the right of the picture is the second of our two cherry trees. Both were purchased in May/01, and they seem to be doing well - see next photo. We had always wanted a cherry tree, and I had been looking for a Peggy Rivers variety ( I think it was "Peggy") on the advice of my gardening consultant Bill.

Rivers nursey was a now closed, but centuries old famous nursery which had been situated a few hundred yards down the road. I knew a Rivers variety must suit the local conditions, but never found one. So when I saw a cherry tree in another nursery, I just decided to get it, after only glancing at the label. When I got home I was horrified to read that it needed a Stella variety to pollinate it. Well, I wasn't thinking of the birds and the bees when I bought it. If I got a Stella, what would Stella need to pollinate it ? How many trees would I have to buy. Luckily Stella is self fertile, so I only had to buy one extra tree. The Stella is the one in picture, and the other one is about 5 yards behind.

 The cherries referred to in the previous section

 Heading back down the garden with blossom in August.

 This photo was taken in 2003. It is the front of the conservatory / greenhouse, with Jamie's fish pond in the shade of the bay tree. It is early in the season, so there is nothing to see in the conservatory. Later it will be packed with seedlings, and then more tomatoes.

 This is a close up of the pond with Jamie's fish - it was taken in 2007. The pond is usually covered with a net as we have lost fish before to a heron. The net is pulled back and covers the filter. A pump in the pond pushes water up the pipe to the left of the picture, and it then returns down the pipe on the right. This return pipe ends above the pond, so the water has about a six inch drop - it gets aerated and there is a pleasant splashing sound as the water hits the pond surface.

 This is the rear of the side garden, taken in May/01. There are old raspberries and blackcurrants in the foreground, and I have planted more canes in the space behind. All this part of the garden is rabbit proof, (all the perimiter fences of the whole garden have have chicken wire protection) but we haven't had much trouble from rabbits recently. To the middle left of the picture are benches of trellice fencing balanced on big flower pots, on which I acclimatise the seedlings from the greenhouse, before planting out.

 Now 2003, looking back into the rear side garden - mostly rasberry plants, but a cherry tree / bush at the rear. Everything needs to be covered with nets if you want a crop to pick. There are plants hardening off on staging to the front right - see 2 photos later. There is a plum tree to the middle left.

 The rasps start quite early, and seem to crop twice. We get a good picking, then it goes quiet, and then we get the second helping

 These are the plants hardening off on staging. Behind are the compost bins - see next photo.

 This a picture from April, 2002 when there is something to see. The compost goes on to the vegetable plot, or into the greenhouse beds.

 This is looking down the side garden with the vegetable part behind me. In the far left are more raspberry bushes covered in nets.

 This is moving forward down the side garden with Jamie's parking space just behind the cooking apple tree.

 Jamie's parking space and looking out to the front of the house where the tour started.

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