Our changing garden, part 2.

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All of the photos in this section were taken in 1995 or 1996.
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This is the garden in 1995, when the azelas were in bloom. They used to be dotted all over the place, but they all bloom at once, over a few days, and then the space is wasted for the rest of the year.


Still in 1995, I must have rushed out to capture harvesting.
The photo shows two of the three fine bushes we had at the old rear boundary. I tried to move them when we extended, taking as much of the roots as I could, but to date they still appear not to have survived.


The azelas were out again in 1996, so I had to take a picture.

 Another fine summer's day in 1996, I do not know what the garden seat was doing there.
If I chatted to Mr Fish, I would not have got a seat. I must have moved it there out of the way, and not moved it back again.


This shows the little corner under the garage window, in 1996. You can see through from the back garden, across the drive, to the side garden. The car was our old Citroen ZX, and we liked it so much, we replaced it with another Citroen -a Xantia.

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