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Great Excitement, for the first time ever, I have a guest contributor to my web site - my grand daughter, Chloe Bennett, who is a ninja warrior at Minecraft. You can visit her on Youtube by copy/ pasting this link :

Over to you, Chloe :-


The world of Minecraft is a dangerous place, (or beautiful depending on how you play :+)
The first decision you have to make is the game mode. The main game mode, (survival), is where you are dropped into a new world, and you then have to gather resources to survive, whilst in creative mode you’ve got access to all the blocks in the game. In this guide I will inform you on how to play pocket edition and pc edition.


In pocket edition (available on mobile devices) you will see a bunch of arrows and a button, the arrows are simply how you walk, the one that is pointing up is forwards, all controls are listed below this statement.





The little button further to the right is jump.
To fly in creative mode you double-tap jump.
In order to place blocks you simply tap the screen where you want the block - in order to break a block, you hold the block down. Also in order to open your inventory, you should see a … button at the bottom of the screen.

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You can do all the same functions with key-board and mouse, only the controls are different,   w = forwards,    a = left,    d = right,    s = backwards,    spacebar = jump,    e = inventory.
Left click is how you place, and to break a block it is right click.

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Survival is more like real life - in survival you are dropped into a new world, and you must gather resources to survive, the first thing you should do is chop down a tree (trees should be easy to find, unless you spawned in a desert ) once you cut it down, open your inventory, then you should put the wood blocks into a 4x4 grid to make some planks. Then put a plank block in each section of the grid to make a crafting table, place this down.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Minecraft, you can then start getting ambitious.

Or you could try creative mode and build your dreams.

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